Running out of time.

I’m currently working on many projects at the same time. I like this. If I’m tired working with one, I’m just switching to another and “rest” from the former one.
The real problem is that in this week many of those projects are in the final stage before public release and it makes me nervous, but I think that we’ll be ready when the time comes.

So, what’s going on around?

First, the shiny new website is almost ready. It’s 100% XHTML 1.0 Strict, not only because validator says so, but also because we really use the XHTML philosophy. I found a few bugs in every browser during the work and I have a plan to summarize them once I’m ready. The only browser I wasn’t able to workaround was KHTML. It has some nasty bug around table caption tag and floated elements inside. I also added RSS, a few tricks for proxy servers and prefetch for Gecko. This revision of will be mostly front-end improvement, without touching engine nor libs.
We also started working on the next version. We’re moving to Java, because I’m totally defeated by the PHP progress, roadmap and the vision they’re trying to create. PHP seems to be absolutely not ready for big projects, it has no hi quality libs nor application servers. Every lib has thousands of implementations because none is good enough to be used as “standard”, almost every app has a mess in code, even the newest ones fails to follow MVC model internally. It sucks. The shiny new PHP 5.1 has ONE standard Exception so everyone who wants to work in OO way has to adds own exceptions like NoSuchMethodException, IOException and so on. Native functions don’t use exceptions at all, so no matter what you want, you’ll always find yourself in some strange world of mixed structural and OO programming, with mess in syntax (!!!). And it looks that PHP 6.0 wont be better. Goodbye PHP.

Second, we’re shaping up first release of Devmo. Nothing big yet, but we have basic functionality translated, now it’s time to gather people and translate bigger articles and add links to polish resources. I think this project will be a huge success, and we will became a centre for all web coders.
And soon, people stop thinking about Mozilla as “another browser” and will see, that a browser is only a small part of great, modern coding envoirnment. And *that’s* what we’re working on. And soon you’ll get IDE to code in, documentation centre, more tutorials and everything you need to start coding in Gecko.
And, finally, you’ll find that many, many potential users already has Gecko on their machines. Shipped with Firefox and Thunderbird. Those people are ready for your applications.

Third, we’re near to finish website. It’s a lot of work to make this site simple. I created simple CMS for this, but it’s very unpolished yet. My goal is to get front-end ready and cute. Unfortunately we have no time at all 🙁 We should start the website before NVU 1.0, to get a nice feedback and be able to promote this app on website, and website using this app. Nikon said that he’ll finish his bits by the end of the week. Nvu 1.0 should be released on wednesday or thursday. Bad timing 🙁 I’ll try to have something ready before 1.0 release, but it’s not good at all.

Fourth, we’re working on Mozilla Europe’s firefox product page redesign.

Fifth, we’re working on NVU 1.0 pl release.

Sixth, I’m preparing my plan to work in Gecko 1.9 cycle on Bayesian filters code and overall A.I. issues for Thunderbird, Firefox and Toolkit. I want to move pure, clean and small bayesian component to toolkit, fix junk mail for thunderbird, add some category/label A.I. basing on bayesian filters, and add automatic link prefetching in Firefox based on b.filters.
I also want to improve selection autocomplete results in firefox and thunderbird but that’s different story.

And a few small commercial projects 😉

So, if you mailed me, asked me, or you overall has a feeling that I’m a bit lagged – yes, I am. Don’t bother to poke me once again.

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What version of RSS do you prepare? I hope that standardized version – RSS 1.0 🙂

It’s two different languages. RSS 1.0 (RDF Site Summary) is application of RDF/XML, RSS 2.0 isn’t application of RDF, it’s only XML (but without namespace). RSS 1.0 base is W3C RDF, and Purl core of RSS, RSS 2.0 hasn’t offical specyfication (Userland try standardize but it hasn’t potential like independent orgrnizations). A specyfication RSS 1.0 is completely done, RSS 2.0 specyfication has some bugs (like hasn’t xmlns etc). RSS 1.0 has modules and RSS 2.0 hasn’t. For more information you can read (in Polish).

Oohhh.. I’m definitally interested in what your plans are for
#6 “bayesian component to toolkit”

For my AI class I did some experiments with classifying webpages using the dbacl library ( and having Firefox rate pages and links for you.

My end-goal was prefetching ‘similar or interesting’ pages for the user, but I then realized I should be using Thunderbirds module, and then I ran out of time (summer came, then work).

Are you planning on putting up your plans on the wiki? My c++ skills are lacking, but I’d be more than interested in helping you out in any other ways I can (UI design, XUL/JS, testing, etc.)

> Are you planning on putting up your plans on the wiki?

Yes. Once I’ll clarify the plan and get mscott, bsmedberg, shaver happy with it (dmose already is happy ;)) I’ll write more about it and setup some wiki.
Help around UI will be great! 🙂


Can’t wait!

If/when you get it up, if you could shoot me an e-mail (see url) or blog about it, I’ll jump in and help out where I can.


.. and finally .. seventh: Someone’s girlfriend came back and she really wants to go with You to the cinema 😛

Devmo looks very promising. When it will be finished? I was looking for such “reservoir of wisdom” since I’ve started to work with WWW. Great work! (so far 😉

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