Day at University

Today I spent half a day at Warsaw University. Don’t ask me why…

The interesting part is when I met dr. Adam Malinowski. First, I spot two nice LCD panels in his room, then I spot KDE installed on those, and on the one that was near to me there was Firefox launched with Gmail website! 🙂

Also while looking at the registration system for candidates I found nice quip on the bottom –

“This system isn’t just going to rock, it’s going to play German heavy metal.”

It’s very nice to know that people out there also have sense of humor 🙂

btw. I’d like to say a big “Thank you” to mr. Malinowski – he saved my poor life 🙂

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One small comment on this registration system and othres in use on University: those systems offen “works fine” 😉 . They have some kind of mysterious bug’s that should’t happen.. but yes, there is big button – maybe because They have specific sens of humor? I don’t know that for sure..

I first read sth like that…

“First, I spot two nice ladies in his room”

Perhaps it’s too late, or I’m too old guy wihtout a lady :>

Like says ancient Mongols: “Little pice of shit ond so many happiness”.

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