Fx on!

Oh yea… Each IE user from US visiting will see a link to download Firefox 😀

Kudos to Paul Kim! It’s the first time ever a third party product has been featured on google’s main page!

P.S. By the way, is NOT connected with any Mozilla Foundation part.

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It is more like that they advertise their toolbar for Firefox, they have been doing the same with IE toolbar on search results page, but yeah, IE never advanced to the main page 🙂

Offtopic btw. yesterday and today I had a very nasty memory problems with Firefox, I need a few times to open a high resolution images (2-5MB) in popup window, I see the image, close the popup window, open another, after viewing about 5 images it hangs up on 6th ;/ system memory usage is 100%. You can test the behaviour here:

That is just great. I hope they will start with that in other countries too. In the mean time. Did you know you can earn money to make people switch from Fx to IE? I just ran over the home page.


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