Firefox 4 hard blockers counter

Last night was a usual “15 hours on a plane brings your sleep cycle into the fifth dimension” one for me.

I was pondering through the planet mozilla and realized that despite great effort from our UX Team, Firefox 4 nightly does not show up the single, most important information piece about the state of my browser, it does not answer the question that our whole project is living now:

How many blockers do we have until we reach Release Candidate

Well, you probably can imagine everything from there – now, I present you the missing piece – Fx4 Hard Blockers Counter extension in its full glory.

Source code available.

11 thoughts on “Firefox 4 hard blockers counter”

  1. Hi,

    nice idea. 🙂
    The toolbar layour issue is also present here on Linux.
    One other issue: Right-click opens a website as well as the menu.

  2. @Lars: per default it appeared in the Addon-bar in the lower right (note that the bar is only ~75% of its usual hight due to the issue described above)

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