Stop IE!

We are getting nearer and nearer to the day when we will be able to finally start not only competing IE, but fighting with it. Firefox usage is not around 10% in Poland + 2% from Mozilla and 5% from Opera.

We are getting near to the end of our current progress policy. No more small buttons, press news and so on. This is too slow. We have to start something more offensive. Those 3 browsers should reach 25% of market by the end of this year and we should start making problems to IE 6 users probably in Q3 2005.
If my predictions are good, there will be at least 2 new Gecko based browser by summer and should gather 3-5% of market before 2006.

We need to take IE6 from users because it stops the WWW world from progress. ISPs, netcaffe owners, administrators, school teachers should start their work. We’re making everything possible to catch home users, but the real problem is to catch workplaces/schools.
I think that this is what SpreadFirefox should start working on. And everyone else should do the same.

Talking trivia – we need 40% of market to start using the biggest strength of WWW wars – IE-incompatible sites. I hope we are able to have this on winter 2006.

Acid test 2 on Linux

Quiris wrote about Acid Test 2 designed to test CSS implementations in web browsers. Of course Internet Explorer failed to do anything with that test, but also so-called NG (Next Generation) browser don’t pass it.
There is comparsion of several browser results and I want to add my results from Linux here.

I’m pretty sad to see that none of those browser is even near to proper result. A good things are that both, Opera and Firefox works better in their beta versions and we have a bug for this test.


I configured WordPress to allow commenting on my blog, but for the first time when you write a comment, I must approve it manually. After this, your next comments will be pushed online without moderating.


I have some projects on my dashboard and I have a problem to sort the queue. I’m working on a new version of It will be onet-like, XHTML 1.0 Strict ready, fast, and should be a big improvement comparing to current layout mess with all those ads and stuff that should never land in those places.
Second thing is AviaryPL website. The sad thing is that Marcoos made a lot of work to create a layout that could be used there, and when he finished it, somebody sent me his proposition which – I must say – is great. I feel like a bastard, because of it…
I’m also working on final bits of Thunderbird 1.1 and my last patches for Firefox 1.1. In a week or two my work will be done.
I’m also still trying to get back to my work on soccer game, but still the blocker is a Yake engine which is not yet fully ported to Linux.
About my Ivor project. It’s in suspended mode for a nearest future. It’s mostly ready for 0.1 release, but I need to have time after release to deal with a feedback. At the moment, AviaryPL is on a top of the list, and I hope to have it ready very soon.

I’m also in transition from Slackware to Gentoo. Slackware is still my primary distribution for server.

Web games

Thanks to my girlfriend I started playing in Dark Throne game. It’s quite nice and joyfull. The only pain is that there is a “recruiter” tool which works like a webring. You have to click 350 times to give 350 random people a citizen, and in return you have “credits” so when others will click, you will get a citizen.
People were cheating with some apps that click on some button on behalf of you. But tab with this game had to be on screen, so you’re frozen.
Firefox is amazing once more. I spent half an hour to build extension which clicks on a given button number of times with given interval. Now it takes me a second to run it, and one tab in background where it works.

I don’t know if there are other places where MultiClick extension would be usefull – if so, please tell me! I will cleanup it’s code and publish then.

By the way…

Oh, and once I started writing something…
I’m wondering if I should bring back old skin. I really like that one, but the new one (a’ka default theme) has extremly high level of usability.
And the language issue. As I previously mentioned, I’m somehwere in the middle of preparing (with Antymon) the new project. It will be a nice place for many well-known people from IT community in Poland to write some articles. No short forms, no flame, NPOV mode on, and we do hope to be more open to not-opensource people.
In result I will have a place to write in Polish, which is my native language, so here I will focus on writing in english, because there are people who want to read it. I know, my english is not perfect, but it wins with every Polish-English online translator.

We’re closer, and closer to new site for AviaryPL. I’m very happy about that. I belive that it will be the last position in our plan to have high quality infrastructure in my team. We have emails, svn, bugzilla, ftp, we and once we’ll have a project page we will be ready to claim new market of commercial, and semi commercial support for Mozilla products in Poland.

Ok. That’s it for now 🙂

Very soon…

This blog will be back online during this week. I have some problems with old content, and I want to push it back before starting new posts.

Beside, I’m working on two new projects, one of them is something like kuro5hin for polish users, second is a web browser. I can’t say more about those…