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Spotkanie w sprawie WOŚP CMS – sobota, 18:00

Jutro, o 18:00, na serwerze, kanał #wospcms odbędzie się spotkanie osób zainteresowanych projektem CMS’u dla Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy.

Zapraszam osoby zainteresowane pracą nad architekturą systemu, będziemy się skupiać na planowaniu mechanizmu pracy, doborze frameworka, i najbliższych dwóch miesiącach pracy.

Na początku stycznia planuję rozpocząć nabór ochotników-programistów do pracy nad projektem.  Na razie chcemy załatwić część teoretyczna, a potem zajmiemy się kodowaniem 🙂


Swift rocks

I’ve hit a few discussions about “another browser” – meaning – yea, yea, we all know IE, Firefox, most of us have heard about Opera, many are waiting for Flock 1.0… But we like to want more… 🙂

So, Seamonkey? Could be, waiting for 1.5 with more new goodies, according to my lurking in, it progresses pretty good.

Konqueror? Well, it’ll be interesting, but not before Q3 2007 (KDE4 for Windows current target date).

Amaya? Jokes over…

Well, I really, and I mean – REALLY – like Swift. It’s freakin fast for me. My (very amateurish) test:

1) Page load time. – Gecko 1.9a – 4,36 sec,  Opera 9.02 – 3.76, Swift 0.2 – 2,60 sec

2) Reload (without shift+reload) – Gecko 1.9a – 4,32 sec, Opera 9.02 – 3,15, Swift 0.2 – 0,95 sec. (AAAGGH!)

Swift was also the only browser that did not repaint anything beside of the area of screen that changed. Opera repainted everything and presented a white page for a second during this, and Mozilla repainted everything but the top menu.

3) (for the first time) – Gecko 1.9a – 3 sec, Opera 9.02 – 4 sec, Swift 0.2 – 1 sec.

It’s really crazy, it seems for me like if Swift would use some cheats on the TCP/IP stack, since Opera and Fx take more time to actually connect with the website, than Swift to download and render it. cheaters…

With Swift I had an *experience* like if I was surfing the smoothest way.

Of course, as always in such cases, the results may vary. It may work rather slow for many of you, it may crash, kill your cat or whatever. For me it works amazing, and I tested it in various environments (laptop, desktop, different providers etc.)

Kudos to the authors, whoever they are (Apple/KDE folks?)

update: did I already praised their Options menu? People tend to say that Opera and Microsoft should learn from Firefox… well, everyone should learn from Swift than – simple, clean, just neat…


Acid 2 passed – part 2

Following marcoos’s blog – David Baron landed Reflow Branch and resolved bug 289480. In result – Gecko 1.9 passes Acid 2!

Gecko 1.9a1 is an exciting piece of mozilla, but I’m even more interested in what’ll show up with alpha2, with things like Reflow Branch or new metric system  (yes, the one that’ll make mozilla do the full page zoom) and others ( JavaScript 2 rings a bell? :))