Flock rules over Opera in keeping their promises!

All right dudes. Remember Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera’s CEO, who promised to swim the ocean if Opera 8 will get over 1 million downloads within first four days? The community achieved the goal, Jon failed. Pity.

So Mike Dosik, Flock’s Engineering Manager, promised to shave his head if we’ll get Feature Complete stage on schedule. Flockers did the goal. Mike kept his promise!

From the other news, I’m working on Flock 0.8 I18n right now (for Flock 0.8.2 release) and devs are shaping up Flock 0.9, while QA team makes sure that Flock 0.8 will be out in a few weeks. You can test Flock almost-0.8 at any time 🙂 We’re hunting for bugs, so help us! (buglist from yesterday).

Keep on Rockin’ in the Flock World

Gecko goes SMIL

Roc just gave a go-ahead to initial SMIL patch developed by Brian Britles and maintained by Tim Rowley.

It’s not yet a full success, since this patch doesn’t make Gecko 100% compatible, but it’s a great starter and it dramatically increases the amount of SMIL that Gecko understands 🙂 I remember like one year ago I was using my private builds with SMIL support based on this patch and it worked pretty well – I was able to test most of the testcases I could find.

Go Gecko! 🙂

Mozilla’s Ballmer would scream “Leverage!”

It came to me, after reading another tons of Mozilla Europe related emails with MoCorp, MoFo, and others, that if we would have any kind of Steve Ballmer in tha teem, and this person would go for something like the amazing “Developers, Developers, Developers“, he’ll scream “Leverage, Leverage, Leverage!”.

Trying to imagine Asa or Tristan doing so, puts a smile on my face.