Gandalf v2.2

22 years and 12 hours ago, for the first time I had a chance to say something to the world.
I don’t remember that scene, but according to people who were there in that moment, I was really disappointed.
From that moment I keep smiling (first, I tried to yawl, but some guy in white suit slapped me for that). I love people, I’m an optimist and pacifist (all my aggression is gone after each MMA training).

I don’t like birthdays. I don’t appreciate the idea of getting older, and if anyone would ask me, I’ll suggest to remove this feature or at least add UI for switching it on and off again.
This reminds my my old concern…. On what license the life is? I can modify it pretty easily, biologists are reading my source code, but it’s impossible to make a copy (no, cloning is not the same) of me…

Anyway, I’m 2.2 now, I’m not stable at all, you can get no warranty, I’m, as always, under major code review, but my API is mostly stable.
Feature change-log since 2.1 includes added cute and beloved girlfriend, passion moved to the job component which should fix a lot of bugs about time looses, upgrades in Kyokushin-kai degree (7th kyu now), plenty books read, web-log, migration from Slack to Gentoo.
I’m also really proud of the work I did for Firefox 1.5. For the first time I was involved not only in marketing, finding bugs and helping people, but also in code development.
For this year I will put all my experience, knowledge and passion into Flock to make it the very best browser in the world. I’m so happy to be inside the process of shaping up this browser. When Mozilla Suite was created, I was a spectator, when Firefox was developed, I was in community, doing job around, now I’m inside of the process, and I feel so lucky because I got this opportunity.
I don’t know what the next year will bring, but as my sensei said, I’ll just try to be a bit better than I was yesterday. Cross your fingers please 🙂

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