I’m at FOSDEM right now spending whole days at MozDevRoom, and whole nights at irish and belgium pubs (actually, it was english one named Churchill…, but we were drinking irish liquids) drinking with folks from, Jabber, Mozilla, with Termie and Zen and some others. 😉
My talk went ok, I was a bit chaotic because I was short on time, but the feedback was positive. People said that it was interesting, pointed out real challenges and needs, it was too short and a bit too general (I had some nice graphs made by Staszyna, Xiti, and myself, but no time to show them). Overall, I hope that nobody found my talk boring – if this has been achieved – point for me.
In a second, Pike will start L20n talk which I’ll name the most important talk for me. (yea, OpenMoko, OLPC, Free Java, KDE4, Mozilla manifesto were also important) 🙂

I have my flight back at 7pm, but I’ll try to rebook it for tomorrow if possible. The problem is that my booking number is on my email, and my email is dead together with whole :/ Murphy’s law in action – dreamhost is dead for the first time in 3 months for me…


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Dopadli i mnie……

MySZ mnie skaz wytypował i nie mam wyjścia, muszę coś naskrobać ;o)

1. Zetknięcie z komputerem.
Przygodę z komputerem rozpocząłem od Atari 130XE, będącego własnością mojego przyjaciela. Miało to miejsce jakieś 20 lat temu — aż s……

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