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Flock 0.9.0 is out! Localization phase is starting tomorrow!

Flock 0.9 is out! It took a bit longer than expected, but things are moving fast now on the track for Flock 1.0.

Because of the huge amount of work and changes in the codebase, Flock 0.9 is not ready for localization yet. Enjoy this release, test, give Flock a feedback, and if you’re lucky to speak fluently any language other than English, join us in the localization effort for 0.9.5!

The initial announcement went online last week and tomorrow we’ll start the localization phase for Flock 0.9.5 due to be released late this month.

Flock L10n is getting an update now.

Right now I’m doing last bits of cleanup to reduce the amount of work for localizers and starting from tomorrow, the localization will ignite 🙂 Check the Flock l10n maillist for more news!

2 replies on “Flock 0.9.0 is out! Localization phase is starting tomorrow!”

Congratz on new Flock release. I’ve dugg into changelogs and new features seem like huge improvements.

However, there is one problem. Your site.

What the f*** happened with clean, minimalistic design from Bryan Veloso? New site looks as though somebody threw up and took a crap at once. Or car crash happened.

I don’t get it. You have… 6? different types there? Whole front page on tabs? Poor quality photos? Navigation from 90’s hell?

Somebody should fire that moron who though this kind of website would convice more people to use Flock. It’s awful!

unfortunately latest flock has the same bug as latest firefox – default font size is to big…

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