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Mozilla Europe reignites

As some of you may know, Mozilla Europe BoD have a Plan to rule the world. We don’t push it in hurry, as we all know that rather sooner than later you all will understand that it’s actally good for you and the mankind as a whole.

Our current roadmap is to get more power after next elections in most European countries and slowly get people aware that our intelligence, brilliant ideas, and by far most importantly – incredible handsomeness – makes us the natural solution to all problems of the modern Europe.

Of course we’re not going to lay on our huge sofas and drink wine waiting for combined human intelligence (extelligence) to mature enough to see this obvious truth. We need to act.

The logic is simple. The blocker of our Ultimate Goal is human knowledge, maturity and awareness what’s good for you. We need to push this in the only right direction.

In order to achieve this goal we decided to meet together on 17th-18th of September and update our plan. We need to speak lauder (since we have perfect, radio-ready voices). We need to do more (since everything we do is good). We need to be more visible (since we’re amazingly handsome).

It happened, that the group of perfect, hot, well build half-gods met together as a European Mozilla affiliate and we feel responsible for the future of the Mozilla project. So the side effect of taking control over the world (for it’s own luck) will be good for Mozilla project itself.

We want you all, our community, developers, users, non-users, readers, and other kinds of BoD fans to raise your hands now, and share your thoughts, feelings, wishes and the words of thankfulness in the Wiki article.

Look at my beautiful eyes, reader. I’m speaking to you. It’s really important. What you will write there will really influence the future of Mozilla Europe (and the mankind).

Or course this is a great news for Paris and France as a whole. This lucky country that has Mozilla Europe HQ (this can compete only with Disneyland) will host all Board of Directors members together which will cumulate the amount of handsomeness, vibrant intelligence and energy that once created Captain Planet, and for 2 days will take the crown of the World from London, where the GFX Ninja keeps filling the void after Victoria and David Beckham.

For more official info, look at Pike’s blog (he’s smarter, but I’m younger ;)).