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The Witcher

Yesterday, I spent few hours in EMPIK shop next to my place, waiting for a premiere of The Witcher – new PC game that bases on excellent books by polish fantasy author – Andrzej Sapkowski.

First of all, please, don’t be fooled by “fantasy” part. It’s not about faeries, it’s about very brutal world, very realistic action, very interesting moral dilemmas, and amazing action. Sapkowski is one of the most popular polish writers, unfortunately not translated to English yet 🙁 (First tome of legends, not sage, is translated to English – Last Wish. The quality is good, maybe not as work, but English language has no such great localization team…)

Now, the polish team of developers created a game – The Witcher. The game is excellent. I bought it yesterday and my flat mate too, and many of my friends did… I did track the progress of the game creating process for last 2 years and I must say that I never heard of such devotion and perfection during game creation. The reviews of the game are great, so it seems that they made it.

If the game will be such a huge success, it’ll be both, thanks to the great world and story created by Sapkowski and thanks to the amazing skills of the game creators. It’ll be the very first game ever created by Polish team that will make the international success. I encourage you all, if you have some free time, to order the game, and try it on your own.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love 🙂