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Slides from Silme talk

Just got back home after

Expedia screenshot
Expedia screenshot

wondering if that gives me the “longest trip home” award from EuMozCamp crew. William, beer will do this. 🙂

The event was great, I’ve been at so many mozilla events during last 8 years yet beyond “normal” awesomeness of those events, once againt some elements of what happened were a big surprise (Mix group – you know who you are) 🙂

For now I’m attaching Silme talk slides, for those who couldn’t make it to the talk. (it’s also the very best documentation we have so far):

It requires tengwar-gandalf font to display some elements, but is pretty readable without it.

If you have any other questions regarding silme, jump in on #l10n channel, silme folks are there.

Right now I’m working on logging system and then PEP08, API freeze, documentation and then release! 🙂

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