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Silme 0.5.1 released

3 weeks after Silme 0.5 release, we’re proud to announce the first minor update to Silme – 0.5.1.

Silme 0.5.1 carries 5 changes, each of them making it a little better. In particular it fixes bugs that were blocking Adrian Kalla‘s version of compare-locales to get its first release.

So, what’s new in 0.5.1?

  • New method: silme.diff.EntityList.has_entity() should make testing entities in diff faster
  • Two bugs in that made it impossible to use
  • Performance improvements in (can we upload silme script to Fastest Firefox? ;)) by just ignoring to load zip entries for directories
  • We don’t close ZIP file in get_package if we didn’t open it there. It was a bug that caused to fail with subpackages
  • Major rework of URI schema accepted in It is now possible to do:
    ioc ='jar')
    l10npack = ioc.get_package('jar:chrome/package.jar!locale/ab-CD/package')

This is the very first minor release in the history of Silme projects, and we’re happy to make it!

You can download it from HG repository or use pypi for silme0.5.1.

I’d like to thank Adrian who helped by identifying bugs and writing patches for this release. You may also want to check his newest project which uses Silme to create a sleek localization extension for Komodo! It’s called Koala 🙂

Next in line is Silme 0.7 which will bring new features and optimizations and we’re planning an alpha release to happen early next week. If you’re interested in hacking localization related code and never tried silme, it may be a good moment to give it a try and help us on the way to 0.7 🙂