Nokia and KHTML

Today there was a press note from Nokia about their new browser for Series 60 based on KHTML.
Some people, like quiris, without thinking much, wrote that Nokia has chosen KHTML (he also trolled some more, but nothing worth citing).

From what I heard from Doug Turner, Minimo leader, Nokia did not change their involvement in developing Minimo.
He also told me that this new browser is developed for Symbian OS, while Minimo team has no active port of their app for Symbian.

The next release of Minimo should be out, according to Doug, in a few weeks.


Mozilla spam

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Today I was Slashdotted. Not with a full power, but I got a taste of what can happen. The nice thing is that I made a statistics of browser usage for people who came today from slashdot.

  • Firefox 1.0.4 – 54%
  • Firefox 1.0 – 9%
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 – 5%
  • Firefox 1.0.3 – 3%
  • Konqueror 3.4 – 3%
  • Safari 412 – 3% (I don’t know why such version – possibly a bug in WP ShortStat)
  • Mozilla 1.7.5 – 2%
  • Firefox 1.0.2 – 2%
  • Opera 8.01 – 2%
  • Mozilla 1.7.8 – 2%

Other browser versions made less than 2%. Stats were made for 10523 hits, ~6365 users.

Well, of cource Slashdot is not an avarage site, but they’re very interesting group. Only 70% with english browsers, 60% on Windows (so, not as linux geeks as one may think), tech-users who’re interested in new technologies. And they made a very clear choice. Firefox – 70%, Mozilla – 7%, IE – 5%, Safari – 4%, Konqueror – 3%, Opera – 3% – can you find a leader? 🙂



It’s just a try. How do you like this one?

I also added a few plugins:

Man, I love WordPress – installing new themes and plugins was so easy. In fact it was fun. I just thought which plugins I want, and installed them in 3 minutes.
And WP ShortStat presents amazing stats 😉


XiTi stats – black magic?

If you take a look at lastest XiTi stats and you live outside Europe, you might be suprised. 30% of market in Finland? 25% in Germany? Well, I can’t talk about all results, but at least those about Poland are a bit higher than our internal statistics.


Acid2 fun

People around my world are having much fun in watching Acid2 race. Who’ll be first? Who’ll release first?
Well. Imho whole tests isn’t more important than near 300 others bugs in b.m.o about CSS, and it’s absolutely not important who will release it first. Talking about such small differences like two weeks or a month makes it absolutely not important – If all major web engines will pass Acid2 by this year what’s the difference who made it first? It’s not innovative nor patented (yet) so I think we should calm down 🙂

Safari team should be praised, with iCab being the second and Konqueror third. Presto and Gecko are a few bugs from being ready, so riots can be finished, people can go home and enjoy real life things like recent news that our european politics are autistes hardly understanding signals from nations.


10.5% of Firefox 1.x users in Poland

You got it right, this time we’re not talking about “Non IE browsers” (18.4%) or “Gecko based browsers” (12.6%) or even “Firefox browsers” (10.9%) but about pure post 1.0 Firefox browser usage. 10.5% of the market in less than 7 months from the release!

Any bets for the end of 2005 stats?

main Quotes Database

Quotes Database is online now. Go and find yours favourite one.
Mine is… umm, probably this one 🙂


Gecko 1.8b2 has zaroo bugs left!

Yes, yes… you know what it means… Deer Park alpha 1 is coming, it’s soooooo ready.


Mozilla i18n status

Some info about current state of Mozilla i18n: