XiTi stats – black magic?

If you take a look at lastest XiTi stats and you live outside Europe, you might be suprised. 30% of market in Finland? 25% in Germany? Well, I can’t talk about all results, but at least those about Poland are a bit higher than our internal statistics.

A few words of explanation. In Poland, we have one company who rules whole statistics market having their stats in all major websites. Every bigger website wants to sell ads. None of them is working on a advertisement market by themselves. They are always signing a deals with adserver companies in Poland. There are 3 big adservers in Poland and all of them have signed deals with Gemius. Thanks to this, every website with external adserver uses Gemius as a statistics server. The bad point is that we have a monopolists. The good point is that we have global statistics for free. Gemius covers probably 99.5% of the market, so we know exactly how does look situation in Poland thanks to every-week results presented on
And according to them, Firefox has 10.9% of the market.

XiTi tracks their stats from outside of Poland probably covering users who are visiting their websites from polish IP’s or polish domains or with polish browsers. This is not a best group to track. Those are users who read english, who are interested in some websites in other countries – probably more hi-tech users than most of poles.

I’m not sure if this difference exists in other countries, but probably it is. So thanks to this we can compare results between european countries. With no doubt Finland leads – congrats to you, Ville 🙂

One last thing. Look at those stats – France, Germany, Holland, UK… west europe covered well. What about east europe? south europe? I think that we have a lot of work to do in those countries.

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Marktaandeel Firefox

stream of thoughts heeft eens uitgebreid naar de statistieken van XiTi gekeken en heeft daar wat mooie gedachten over losgelaten.

From the study ” il est important de noter que cette étude a été effectuée sur un week-end, où l’utilisation de Firefox est toujours plus importante qu’en semaine.”

It is important to note that this study has been conducted during a week end where the Firefox usage is always higher than working days …

they go on to explain the reasons for higher firefox usage durig weekends, (less corporate users)


The differences between Xiti and can be understandable. Although I don’t tell it too publicly 😉 Xiti counts all gecko-based browsers as Firefox (which is fine to me, that’s also the way I think of browsers)

If you look at, their total gecko stats does not amount to 10.5 but 12.8 %

Then you add the 2 to 3% extra gecko users on week ends and you reach almost 16%

Then, as you said, your stats are based on the inclusion of ads, which means that they are on commercial sites. Xiti stats are not based on the inclusion of adds and are included in many major european sites as well as zillions of personal and small business sites which means that the audience they attract is probably different than Gemius’s, and I don’t know about others, but I barely visit sites with ads and the most popular Firefox extension is adblock 😉

So to clarify things, Xiti isn’t a website counting IP’s to their site, they are a web statistics company selling software to companies and administrations who want to study their visitors behaviour (they compete with webtrends). Maybe they overestimate Firefox a bit, but let’s not complain too much about it, usually stats companies bash us 😉

Indeed but you also said that Gemius stats are related to their deals with ad companies, which means that their stats include a high percentage of B2C sites running ads

pascal: no, I only said that this is the way Gemius gain monopoly on polish market. It’s also the first choice for websites who want statistics but don’t use external adserver. But overall you’re right, the differences are smaller than I thought.

Btw. On their map Poland still has a border with Romania… great ;>

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