Plasma bits

A few news from the front.

First. Plasma will be an official codename of KDE 4. Plasma – imho it’s a good brand. I’m getting more and more excited about this release. Not only because of features it’ll have, but because guys who’re working on it are doing exactly what I believe should be done. They’re talking and thinking about modern GUI in the same way I do. And they’re not in hurry. They want to make KDE 4.0 released before October 2006. Basing on amunt of work they’re doing in last two months, they’ll be ready with porting everything to QT4 in two, three months having a year of work on new abilities, UI polishing, usability and beauty.

Some links with drafts: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5, Example 6, Example 7, Example 8, Example 9, Example 10

Remember, it’s a work in progress… But all of them are flying around what I call beauty, usability and modern. Yeah! :>

Gnome 3: Exactly what I said, the same way KDE and MacOS are going. Great news! Once again – comparing to this, Longhorn seems to be boring…



It’s just a try. How do you like this one?

I also added a few plugins:

Man, I love WordPress – installing new themes and plugins was so easy. In fact it was fun. I just thought which plugins I want, and installed them in 3 minutes.
And WP ShortStat presents amazing stats 😉


Browser market is similar to OS one

We have Microsoft Windows. Right? Holding >80% of its market. We have Internet Explorer. Holding >%80 of market. Last version of Windows for end-user market was released on 21 October 2001. Last version of Internet Explorer was released on October 2001.


Linux is evil

Microsoft's ad

Damn. If this is a real banner then Microsoft becames pathetic.

They’re loosing the game, and like everyone who looses, they’re showing their real face. Stupiditiy, demagogy, lies.

According to specialists, 80% of Al Qaeda IT proffesionalists are reading books. If you buy books, you support terrorism.

update: Marcoos says it’s a fake. I hope he’s right. (modified Windows logo is a tip)