As everyone knows, we have a bit nervous situation on the line between Opera and Mozilla communities. Our people often see things from different perspective – it’s OK as long as we’re playing the games with a rules. Sometimes one of the sides breaks the rules by either FUDding, trolling, accusing without any prove and so on. Usually, neither side see any problem in their deeds and both Opera and Mozilla people have no problem to explain any foul made by their people.

This situation is very visible mostly in countries where Opera has community and in Poland Opera has probably a biggest community in the world. Well. There is a little one must do to start a new thread in this game.
And someone just broke any rules of the game… Domain points to… Mozilla Europe website. I must say it. It’s disgusting. The one who did it must’ve known that we (Mozilla community in Poland) will be accused of this.

It’s a shame that this happened. Neither MozillaPL or AviaryPL has any connection with this act, and we are willing to help Opera regain their domain. We does not play this way, and we will never be.
And the one who bought this domain and decided to give us a “promotion” – get lost. We don’t want foul marketing anywhere near Mozilla names. It’s just a fuel for our oponents… 🙁

So, to be clear – Mozilla communities has no connection with this deed, we did not make it, we did not accepted it, we did not helped, we did not know about this. We find it just stupid. I hope that Opera can reclaim this domain in NASK.