Opera’s marketing.

Opera’s CEO sells bullshit. Great work, man… You just reached the level of FUD and stupidity which until now was Microsoft’s domain.
I feel ashamed that company which has such great supporters (mostly in Poland) uses such nonesense in their black marketing campaign.
When they were releasing Opera 8, there was so much rumour about “upcoming huge marketing campaign”. Now, a few months later, we saw the trashy superman and a lot of black marketing.
My friends from Opera community tried to explain, that Superman was a part of campaign to show that Opera is cool and they do fun of marketing.
Yeah. Very funny. They focused on creating brand new comparsion sheets and black marketing for Firefox.
Hell, they are not talking at all about IE! They’re talking only about Firefox. Their CEO’s spend days on writing provements that Firefox is not free, not good, not modern, not easy to use, not felxible, and that all users its users are wrong and should switch ASAP to Opera. (optionally paying not to view the ad).

What’s next? You’ll start writing exploits for Firefox to prove that it’s less secure than Opera (And Opera is “100% bug free” mostly because secunia publishes security alerts for opera after they release fix).

Who you gona blame? Mozilla Foundation? You’re going to prove that Firefox is free because companies pay for it? Nonsense. Companies pay us for creating free browser. Free envoirment. If you want to join us, open your code. Move to OpenSource, share your code with us, and I can promise you that you’ll be donated to develop your browser in the same way we are.

Opera – where are you going? To war? You found yourself without any arguments about your browser, so you focused on denying features of another? It’s so stupid. It’s so rude, it’s so pathetic. I really thought that only Microsoft plays this ball…

update: Daniel Glazman is right. Tetzchner shouldn’t swim so much. He caught Absurdus Delirium…