Everaldo rox!

Everaldo just published update to his KDE themeCrystal Clear.
This guy rox. 🙂

Also, a few cute spoilers from KDE4 – 1, 2.

We’re going to have common address book in KDE4 which is exactly what we have to do. MacOS has it, and it works great!
Overall, I think that it’s time to select, which data sets are “user specific” and which are “app specific” – it’s a huge mistake when I have 3 mail clients, each with it’s own mail database, three addressbooks (KAddressBook, Thunderbird AddressBook and PSI addressbook), three bookmark sets (Firefox, Opera, Konqueror) and so on (music database?). It should be per users, not per app. I think that such datasets should be standarized by FreeDesktop, but it seems that such standarization will need a lot of time, so probably for KDE 4.0 it will be KDE only feature.

Zack Rusin (he’s a Pole! :)) from KDE made Exa – greatly improved XAA. XAA is very slow and quite buggy, so Zack created Exa to replace it. Without Exa, KDE 4.0 would require a monster machine to render all it’s eye-candy. Exa will be released in 6.9 in September.

After yesterday’s talk with Antymon and Gaber (who became Apple gruppie) I contributed to Kolaboration forums with two ideas. I’ll lobby to get it into KDE 4.0. If you have any idea of desktop feature, it’s the best time to write it down on this forum. KDE 4.0 development is about to begin. I’m more than sure that KDE 4.0 will rise the level of quality and usability for open-source GUI desktops very high.

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Gość ma ewidentnie super zdolności, ale to, co tworzy, jest jakieś takie… dziwaczne, krzywe. Nie zainstalowałbym Crystal Clear na korporacyjnym desktopie.

A z Rusina taki Polak jak ze mnie Niemiec czy Tatar. 🙂

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