Gecko Google crew

Today, Ian Hickson joined Gecko Google crew!

He joined Ben Goodger, Brian Ryner, Darin Fisher, Mike Pinkerton and Fritz Schneider (did I miss someone?) who are other Gecko related guys working for Google.

I won’t believe anyone telling me that they’re not doing anything Gecko-related there 😉

On the other hand I just realized that Anne van Kesteren is another guy working for Gecko and Opera at the same time (well, after Hixie’s move to Google, the only one?).

5 replies on “Gecko Google crew”

I think it doesn’t matter where Hixie and others worked before a Google job. I don’t see the case as a time to celebrate. The true is they don’t work on browsers anymore.

quiris: I doubt it. I’m not familiar with Darin’s, and Bryan’s work but I think that they were working with auto-update patches for Firefox, Ben is leading Firefox 1.5 development, Mike is working on Camino, I don’t know Fritz at all… so… it seems that they’re involved in browsers 😉

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