Elephants Dream come true!

Hoah! Belive it or not, we’re 3 weeks from premiere of the first full screen movie created only with Open Source tools! It was create with Blender3D. It’s so cool to see the new areas where OS solutions are being used succesfully.

The message is clear, hey! If you want to create animations you don’t have to steal the software! Blender is out there for you!
I’m not 3D Artists, but I heard only one complain against Blender – it has more complex UI than 3DS. I tried working with some Blender tutorials and now I have to confirm. 3DS has ordinary, simple for beginners UI, while Blender has one of the best pieces of work I have ever seen. Their UI is innovative and intuitive (once you know it) that I’m wondering why other tools never started using things like top menu, it’s soooooooo cool 🙂 Try it, read tutorials, comment…

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