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Projects I’m interested in:


Graphic, game engines




This is a list of projects that I’m currently watching, I’m trying to find news about them, digging their Wiki’s, Bugzilla’s, SVN’s. I’m testing nightlies, I’m trying to support some of them and I’m definitly waiting for every new version.What is the best with this list, is that you can get ALL of this for FREE. Without a single penny. I’m sure that the list is not full, and I’ll try to update it and possible move it from diary post into a page on my diary so everyone could use it to find interesting projects.

I’d like to see other people creating such list on their own so I can find other interesting projects. If you have a second, and some projects that you’re watching, create such a list and ping me back!

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“The TA Spring” ohoho widze nir tylko ja jestem fanem serii gier TotalAnnihilation 😀

Lol, Boson (game) has the same name as Boson (network simulator, helping for CISCO wannabies). America’s Army was a good game until developers has released 2.5 version. For me it started to be boring and uninteresting.

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