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There is only one browser in the world that can compete with Flock today for the crown of The Web 2.0 browser.

It’s Deer Park alpha2 trunk nightly from Gecko Reflow branch – it supports AJAX, it supports DHTML, hell, it fixes the only Acid2 bug there is, but what makes it a truly Web 2.0 browser by heart and soul is that it goes one step forward. It does not support tables at all! Brave step 🙂

Seriously, I’m happy to notice that David Baron is working on tables now and it seems that we’ll have the first builds that will render Acid2 properly (and zillion other reflow and incremental bugs fixed) very soon. Gecko 1.9 will rock :>

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Mayby they think this i big step forward, hehehe let’s be web 2.0 lets make XYZ colums tables in box model.. code in divs is cleaner, and divs are better right ? Lets celebrate… old school designers will propably die on heart attack 🙂

controls and tables have not yet been converted to the new design, and are disabled on the branch.

This is not “breave”(?). Not brave even. Just not finished yet! Tables need some serious optimization but they will be supported of course.

Please do think twice before you write something more about brave steps… Having browser with no tables support is just plain stupid. Calling this “Web 2.0 browser” is stupid even more…

MiMaS, kameowy: people, who don’t understand jokes should be banned from the Internet 🙁

porneL: Firefox 3.0, late 2006/early 2007 🙁 Firefox 2.0 will base on Gecko 1.8, and Reflow branch will hit Gecko 1.9 (current trunk) branch.
We’re focusing on UI for Fx2.0 sticking to Gecko 1.8.x (update Gecko 1.8.0 from Fx 1.5) as web engine, and that’s what will compete with IE7.0 directly when Vista is released. Fx 3.0 with major Gecko update and new UI 🙂

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