Gecko hits 20%!

According to, which is the biggest polish statistic system covering near to 100% of the market… After 1,5 year from Firefox 1.0 release, 1.5 year of hard work… We’ve just hit 20%! 😀
With todays, every-week status update biuletin, Gecko has 20% of the marketshare here!!! Congratulations to whole AviaryPL team, MozillaPL community, and of course whole Mozilla project!

Also, in this biuletin, there’s a graph of OS/Web browser usage, and it seems that in Poland, Windows 98/Firefox 1.x has 1.5% of users which is NOT good because Mozilla just dropped support for pre-Windows2k machines.

12.4% of Windows 98 users in Poland use Firefox 1.x. It seems that Mozilla will loose this market (I hope that those people will switch to Opera). The good news is that this will happen for Firefox 3.0 (Q1 2007) release, Fx 2.0 will work there.
Once more. 20% for Gecko in Poland! It’s THE time to celebrate!