Gecko hits 20%!

According to, which is the biggest polish statistic system covering near to 100% of the market… After 1,5 year from Firefox 1.0 release, 1.5 year of hard work… We’ve just hit 20%! 😀
With todays, every-week status update biuletin, Gecko has 20% of the marketshare here!!! Congratulations to whole AviaryPL team, MozillaPL community, and of course whole Mozilla project!

Also, in this biuletin, there’s a graph of OS/Web browser usage, and it seems that in Poland, Windows 98/Firefox 1.x has 1.5% of users which is NOT good because Mozilla just dropped support for pre-Windows2k machines.

12.4% of Windows 98 users in Poland use Firefox 1.x. It seems that Mozilla will loose this market (I hope that those people will switch to Opera). The good news is that this will happen for Firefox 3.0 (Q1 2007) release, Fx 2.0 will work there.
Once more. 20% for Gecko in Poland! It’s THE time to celebrate!

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That’s great news but it’s odd that Poland is always futher than rest of the world in terms of technology.

But…20% means 1/5… I can’t believe how far we are. 🙂

Riddle, actually, in Germany it’s already more than 30% and on some high profile non-tech sites it’s already more than 40% on weekends. It’s really great, I don’t think anybody saw that coming three years ago: beating MS on it’s own ground.

Abdul: do you base on XiTi monitor? Remember that XiTi monitor has some measurments that makes the results higher than avergage.

For example, XiTi, in January showed 22.6% for Firefox alone for Poland, while Gemius, which is way more accurate said it was 15%.
Also, on hi-profile tech sites Firefox has 90% sometimes ;>

Yes, I somewhat rely on XiTi-Monitor results, but also on publications of high profile sites. for example is one one of the biggest news sites in Germany, it has absolutely nothing to do with tech, it’s like the Time magazin in the USA. Last week they published, that they have an average of 30% Firefox users during the week and more than 40% on weekends, that pretty much supports the xiti results which are already a few month old anyway. I know it’s almost unbelieveable, but Netscape always have had a bigger userbase in Germany than anywhere else.

Abdulkadir: Gemius stats are for the whole country. It’s a giant, almost monopolistic, web statistics company, which bases it’s data on thousands of websites, including all major Internet portals in Poland.

So comparing whole-Poland’s 20% with a “some German’s sites” 30% is “apples and oranges”. 🙂

as marcoos said. It’s always hard for me to explain what gemius is, because I never heard of any other country that would be covered in 99.9% by one tracking company like it happens in Poland.
It’s like if you’d have a company that tracks everything on,,,,,,, and publish they results every week with a nice graphs.

Riddle, you shouldn’t be amazed, I think that’s just Polish attitude – to be in oposition to each overwhelming power. We find Firefox just “minor” power so we are strongly supporting it.

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