Hacking Flock with Venkman Debugger

There’s the awesome tool made by Robert Ginda called Venkman Debugger.

There’s even a great tutorial on how to use Venkman, but it covers only the area of debugging your website scripts.

So, with help from Vera, using Yosh and Ian as a testers, I hacked a small tutorial that covers the hole and presents two trivial examples on how to use Venkman to hack Flock (and also applies to hacking Camino, Seamonkey, K-Meleon, Firefox your extension and your website of course).

I also did a small presentation on today’s meeting, on how the numbers looks for Flock, and how to clean the issues using various hand and automated tools.

We’re starting working on Flock’s performance as we’re slowly getting near to 1.0, and Jesse is full ahead now hunting for redundant code, unused timer calls, bottlenecks etc. Cross your fingers 🙂