Meet Mr. Face

Acid2 in Firefox nightly Ok, mister Fanatic, you saw that in Safari, iCab, Konqueror and Opera. Now you can see it in Firefox 🙂

Sooo… Mr. Fanatic, meet Mr. Face.

Mr. Face, meet Mr. Fanatic. He’s been waiting for you for many months, and he’s probably very happy now to see you in such a great shape. I hope you’ll stay friends 🙂
P.S. Kudos and credits goes to Mr. Incredible for his reflow branch!

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gandalf – I understand that you are talking about the reflow branch? latest trunk is still the same.

Internal brunch Gecko passes Acid2…

The reflow branch of Firefox, which is not available for the gerneral public, passes Acid2.Source – Meet Mr. FaceThere is [URL= ……

All I do hope is that this things will be publically pushed to the Firefox branch soon !! This is important marketing stuff for Firefox IMHO toward “I E 7” 😉

Agreed. Firefox will get nothing but bad press if it’s the last browser to release a version which supports Acid2. (Indeed, I’ll be one of the ones spearheading said bad press – I’m pushing to get G, the mastermind behind Filterset.G, employed by the Opera team to keep his filterset going for their browser.) If I don’t see any positive action from the Firefox devs in actually bothering to support the standards they pushed when advertising in the days of 0.7-1.0, the once Opera gets automated adblocking in the vein of Filterset.G I’m switching; they seemingly take more of an interest in actually getting done what the users want done, as opposed to the Firefox devs who seem to be more interested in sitting around and getting fat on their profits from Google while everybody else waits for them to bother to bring in the work that’s been done on the reflow branch.

It has already been stated that IE7 will not pass Acid 2 (somewhere on the ieblog), so the IE team will not be able to use it for marketing, since Firefox 3 is likely to be out before IE8. Only geeks care anyway, and most of them are already using firefox.

i am happy for firefox 3. not only it will pass acid2, but it will be also faster because it uses a powerful graphics backend called cairo. it may be faster than ie7 then.

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