Helsinki, day 1 – Nokialand

Basic thoughts.

If you’re finnish, you work for Nokia. No brainer. If you’re not working for Nokia itself, you work for a company that works for Nokia. If you’re not, than you might want to reconsider your nationality cause probably something is wrong with you.

It’s not like Silicon Valley – there’s a wide range of companies out there, it’s probably more like Redmont. Crazy! And I’m f**cked up since I have Samsung…

Finnish people are so much nicer than swedish ones. Sorry, I love my friends from Sweden, but they’re exceptions! Finnish people are smiling, laughing, they’re very, very friendly, you have to like them from the first moment simply because you see that they like you 🙂

I need to get used to their way of how they talk. They’re calmer, speaking slower, comparing to me, not mentioning that superfast speaking android – Termie.
I love their cuisine. It’s full of sandwiches, pickles, cheese, blue cheese, chicken, meat balls, and pastas. They don’t go the easier way serving bolonese etc., they go with their own kinds like a pasta with a chicken and a lemon sauce, pasta with coconut milk, sweet chili, almonds and meat. It’s awesome!

I’m tired 🙂


Nokia S60 SDK on Linux

Maybe it’ll serve someone, one day…

  1. Download Nokia S60 SDK, 3rd Edition, Maintenance Platform.
  2. Install Wine.
  3. Ensure you’re on Linux.
  4. Download latest ActiveState Perl MSI file. (notice, that you can ignore the step with contact details)
  5. Download Windows Script Host 5.6.
  6. Download mfc42.dll.
  7. Remove .wine – rm -rf ~/.wine
  8. Recreate .wine – wineprefixcreate
  9. Copy mfc42.dll to system32 folder – cp mfc42.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
  10. Install WSH – wine WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-enu.exe
  11. Install ActiveState Perl – msiexec /i ActivePerl-
  12. Add perl.exe to the %PATH%. I did it by manually editing ~/.wine/system.reg, key [System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Environment], PATH to: “PATH”=”c:\\windows\\system32;c:\\windows;c:\\Perl\\bin”
  13. Install the SDK – wine setup.exe, custom, I installed the additional thing it asked me about
  14. Launch the app – wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd_MR/Epoc32/release/winscw/udeb/epoc.exe
  15. Watch as it launches, loads the emulated phone, and crashes because of some timeout at random moment…
  16. Think that it’s soo near, and promise yourself to retry in a few months with next Wine releases