Mozilla 2 ignited!

I think we can use Brendan’s post from, as a real beginning of Mozilla 2 era. Of course we had design specs earlier, and Brendan spent quite a lot of time on JS2, but this post is a bridge between concepts, and a list of actions that we’re going to take.

Also, we have a new Mozilla 2 wiki page, that contains a very experimental, unofficial and NOT_FOR_PRESS, timeline. It predicts that we’ll ship Firefox 4 around Q1 2009, and that might be interesting for you all 🙂

Mozilla 2 is a huge project that will require a lot of effort from all our volunteers, and this project should give us, in result, a stable platform for another 7 years or so (Mozilla 1 was released in 2002).

I could name only one such major rework in the open source model yet and it’s KDE4 project. Both are very challenging, huge upgrades, very ambitious and if successful, will prove that open community driven model of development is flexible enough to be capable to handle huge, user oriented products in a very long term in changing environment.

So, instead of crossing your fingers, Mozilla would appreciate if you could put them on your keyboard and join us in this crusade 🙂

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