Spreading Daniel’s message

Glazou wrote about something very important. About trust. But what he wrote also reminded me that as an open world community (FLOSS, Free culture etc.) we’re pretty often attacked and we rarely respond. But what we never do is reminding those who flamed, trolled and yelled, how wrong they were once their whining proves to be wrong. I’m not sure if we should start, but this one time… Let it be!

Trust is the personal believe in correctness of sth.

It is the deep conviction of truth and rightness, and cannot be enforced.
If you gain s.o. trust, you established an interpersonal relationship,
based on communication, shared values and experience.

Trust always depends on mutuality

(Trusted Computing, by LAFCON)

So, dear Microsoft fanboys, bloggers etc. who suddenly recently started calling Mark Shuttleworth “The Bad Guy” because he uses his fortune to create great linux distribution. We really appreciate that you care so much about other Linux vendors, but… you know? We don’t live in your world. We trust each other. We share values and goals. And we are more than happy when we win, no matter if it’s me or my friend who’s winning. Same applies to KDE/Gnome, same applies to Webkit/Gecko, same applies to Debian/Gentoo, Amarok/Rhytmbox, and so on.

I know why you don’t want to believe, it’s hard to get out of your world and see that there can be a different one, based on different values, based on trust. And I know that once you’d start believing, you’ll be very, very jealous.