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Poland becomes first country (except US) to reach 10,000 pledges!

Dzień Pobierania 2008It’s amazing!

Of course we know we have a great community in Poland! And yes, Mike and Jane have been with a part of at Pierogarnia when the Download Day campaign started…

But we did not expect that we’d be topping the list after the first day! Beating 10,000 pledges!!!

That’s exciting and crazy! 40-million country is showing what is capable of when provoked! 🙂

My favorite comment from today’s is “They ask for a DDoS? We’ll give them one to remember!” 🙂

I’m wondering if basing on this we can claim more seats in UN, European Parlament or demand our piece of the North Pole (North – Pole… got it? I believe it’s a strong argument).

I want to thank all the people who help us, who are with us, and who’re sharing with us the same beliefs and values. We promise not to fail your trust. 🙂

p.s. dear Germany, in a few days you’ll have a chance to beat us in something else, don’t worry 😉

update: Poland was also the first (except US) to pass 20k and 30k despite huge pressure from Brazil. 🙂