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Mozilla Europe summer internship program

I sent the message to few places, but in case not everyone is following ActiveMembers mailing list:

Mozilla Europe is organizing a summer internship program this year! We are looking for two additional participants. The internship is paid, and is flexible in terms of timing. Please read the full announcement:

Mozilla Europe is launching a summer internship program this year, and I’d like to announce that we’re looking for two people from any European country to join us in Mozilla Europe head quarters for July/August to work on selected Mozilla related project!

We’re open and flexible with timing and project and would like you to consider this as an opportunity to spend time with us, in Paris, using comfortable environment to work on your pet project that you always wanted to have more time for Sourire

We’ll help you with all operational issues like accommodation or transport.

Please, don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns and of course applications Sourire

Wiki article on this topic:

4 replies on “Mozilla Europe summer internship program”

Blegh! If you told me about this before (say, 2-3 months ago?), I could have considered it. As it stands, my summer is planned out, sorry. 🙁

How can i join this internship program.i am studying wireless communicaitons in lth .
In summer i am free so it would be great if i can utilize my time in this internship.

Muhammad: yes. There’s an email address ( where you can send your short bio proposed project.

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