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100k and beyond!!!

We did it!

Poland has over 100 000 pledges on Download Day campaign!

Isn’t it crazy?

And Russia which joined the campaign in the last minute has over 45 thousand pledges! We all know how big Russia is, but at the same time, we’re just starting winning the hearts of Internet users in Russia and Ukraine, so we’re proud to see them joining us in such big numbers!

Of course Western Europe is traditionally strong, France is  rushing to join us above 100k (us=Poland, Italy, Brazil!) 🙂

It’s so amazing time. Pretty often journalists ask me how has Firefox changed Internet. Beside of web reincarnation, prove of open model concept etc… there’s one more thing. We brought back FUN to the web. Creating open and free browser may be a great and exciting journey for us all. And our astonishing community is the very best prove of it in todays world. Welcome to Generations Y‘s world 🙂

P.S. it’s less than 4 hours…!

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Oh I’m so happy that Poland and Brazil (and now Italy too and France probably) managed to reach the 100k mark. It was definitely an awesome adventure these days!
Congrats on the hard work! Happy download day.

Felipe (from Brazil)

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