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Community Wiki gains OpenID support

I’ve just added OpenID support to Community Wiki. It should make it easier for people to edit the wiki, but its also a step in the direction of Mozilla Community Sites package.

I will write a separate post about MCS, but as many of you know since Fx Summit, I’m working on the set of customized open source web apps that will make setting up a community website much easier. One of the webapps that will be offered is MediaWiki, and one of the features of all the tools will be support for OpenID. Using this on Community Wiki is just a first step 🙂

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Awesome!! We’ve been using OpenID for the development of Ubiquity and I really like it so far. I definitely agree that it has lots of potential to make it easier to create community sites, so it’s great to see more Mozilla apps using this. 🙂

Why MediaWiki and not stick with Mozilla TikiWiki as the rest of Mozilla wiki installations?

I guess this is a temporary address; Please notify us about the permanent address as soon as possible.

Tomer: Well, not all of our wiki’s are on TikiWiki. is not.
I’ve been developing on MediaWiki for quite long so it was easy for me to create custom extensions that I needed. I didn’t find any reason not to use it 🙂

Yes, once we move it to mozilla domain I’ll blog about it 🙂

“To blog” might not be enough. I think this is something we should post about in the newsgroup, since I’m not sure everyone involved is actually subscriber.

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