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Recently I asked Mozilla for new set of business cards. The overall concept of paper cards you give to people is becoming less appealing and I definitely like the “google me” approach, not only because that’s what we really do to find someone, but also because it expresses Google’s vision and theme.

Since I was able to choose the back of the card, I started wondering… How to express Mozilla theme? How to express Mozilla?

After a few hours of trying and failing to produce anything that would even remotely give me the feeling, I went to Mark Surman’s blog for inspiration and found his blog post about visualizing Mozilla in one sentence with wordle. *Click*

Then it went fast. Took similar approach, copied all comments with suggestions, sorted them, gave to wordle which produced this. From there, I used Gimp to resize it and boom, done. Let me know what you think 🙂

Business card - front
Gandalf's business card - front

Business card - back
Gandalf's business card - back

7 replies on “Express Mozilla”

This is a great idea. I was going to do something similar, running the Mozilla Manifesto through wordle. Wordle is sort of finicky in terms of reproducing a certain look and style. Can you tell us exactly what parameters you gave it in terms of fonts, colors, etc? Also, did you just did a screen capture from wordle, or did you do something else to generate the image?

Frank: The exact wordle settings were:
– color: Heat
– font: Lucida Sans
– layout: horizontal, rounded edges

then press relayout with current settings about 200 times and you’re done. I did not modify the wordle result except of resizing.

Have fun 🙂

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