simple bash script to recompile libxul

Since I started working on L20n bindings for XUL I always felt frustrated that our build system cannot properly recompile the dependencies. When I work on XUL I’d like to just be able to type:

cd ./content/xul;

and be done with it.

Unfortunately, for the reasons that are beyond my level of understanding, it never worked this way. Fortunately, the bits that you have to recompile are always the same so I created a small bash script that recompiles what I need plus the dependency:

DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "$0" )" && pwd )"

cd $1 && 
make &&
cd $DIR/layout &&
make &&
cd $DIR/toolkit/library &&

Just place it in your build-dir and then:

./ ./content/xul

will do the rest



3 Replies to “simple bash script to recompile libxul”

  1. Instead of changing directories, you can do make -C foo instead of cding into foo and doing make. I think.

  2. Like Andrew says:
    make -C $1 && make -C layout && make -C toolkit/library will do.
    make -C layout may be skipped once bug 644608 is fixed.

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