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Magyarország győz!

Gratulációk!!! 🙂

It’s incredible. Would you believe me if I told you about a product made by an open source community of people, all gathered around a non-profit foundation could be a significant challenger to a competitor whose product is bundled with the most popular operating system on Earth?

Welcome to Hungary – a 10 mln people country in Central Europe, where according to the latest results from Gemius Weekly*, Mozilla Firefox 2 has reached the top of the browser version list there.
Of course it doesn’t mean that we’re the most popular browser in Hungary (yet!) – the number of IE 6 and IE 7 users when added together still means Microsoft has a total market share of 60%, but for the first time in the history of Mozilla project we have seen from an external and reliable data source – a country reporting Firefox topping the browser “Version” list.**

Amazing… And we’re just 10 years old. 🙂

Now for more hard work… we need to start thinking even further about how we can achieve our mission with a much stronger position, especially as this may soon be happening in several other countries as well 😉

Congratulations to the Hungarian Mozilla Team!

*) Gemius claims their data is reliable for the country. According to my estimations it really is (they measure over 60% of the Internet traffic in Hungary).
**) No we’re not sure if this is the first country with such result, but it’s the first measured result we know about. 🙂

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Central Europe marketshare situation – short analysis (part 3 / Hungary)

The third part of this summary focuses on Hungary. (part 1 – Poland, part 2 – Czech Republic, part 4 – Lithuania, part 5 – Ukraine)


Flag of Hungary



Population: 10 mln
Internet users: 3 mln (30%)

Hungary is similar in size to Czech Republic, but has fewer Internet users (ratio is similar to Poland – 30%). Usually in Eastern Europe, the lower level of the Internet connection saturation means that the market is yet waiting for it’s boom, and it’s about to begin. Hungary and Poland are both members of European Union, and in both cases the reason for such a low Internet penetration is connection price. In Poland for 512 Kb (Neostrada TP), I pay the price that in UK people pay for 8 Mb (BT Total Broadband). With the open market, we’re facing the prices to go down and I expect it’ll unblock the boom this year.

Hungary has it’s community HQ located at

centraleurope-graph19Back to numbers.

Hungary is yet another good news for Mozilla, with over 34% of the market share owned by Firefox and less than 2/3rd by IE.

Overall, Gecko has 34.9% and IE 62.9%, which places Hungary in between Poland and Czech Rep. in terms of Firefox adoption, which confirms the results from XiTi monitor.