I dream about Massive Multiplayer Online World. Last year I started thinking about a game. I have a lot of ideas but I don’t have experience so at the moment those are only pure ideas.
At the moment we have a lot of games that simulates adventures in some kind of a world. Let’s take 3 types of game for example.
Danger From The Deep, FlightGear and America’s Army.
They’re quite different, but bases on the same rules (ideally) – current world of science. It would be awesome to create some kind of World Standard Language probably based on XML that would be used to describe the world.
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I’m outdated

Being a coder, like me, gives you a feeling that you simply understand what’s going on in computers world. I have my Gentoo, I know how my net works, I know how my browser works, I know, understand how it all works, right?
Well, not anymore. Today I updated Azureus and I’m lost. I spend my time looking at some fascinating graphs of my swarm, and I’m lost. Really. I don’t know how it is possible that this group of people communicates in a trackless world.
I know that speed of my swarm is 1.2 MB/s with average 52 kB/s, that I have 370 contacts, 130 peers and 25 seeds but there is a lot more to read, and most of this is a black magic for me. So… I’m a lame

If you have some time, just check new Azureus and look at the swarm graphs and distribution statistics. 🙂

Gecko MP

I will be releasing next builds soon with updated Cache RAM and next optimizations. I hope to set up an env on my Windows machine (thanks to Microsoft for free compiler).

By the way. About comments. As I mentioned previously, but not everyone saw it – when you’re posting a comment for the first time, I must approve it. Then, all your comments will go without moderation.
I will not allow to post comments without a sense or a comments where f-words/sense ratio is very high.

PR from different planet

I’m using Opera as my primary browser for last 2 days – it’s nice. It’s usable but I won’t be a fan. I simply don’t like it’s UI.

Opera made nice work with it’s 8th release, but long-awaited marketing campaign is terrible. I hardly can find words to describe what those guys made. This super-man looks so bad, like from 80’ties… and it’s everywhere.
Quoting jesus_x:

I thought maybe it was just a bad choice of stock photography… It’s a theme

I really can’t imagine the brand built on such theme. Who is a target? Old fans of old TV shows like A-Team? Oh… Opera PR team failed this exam – in opposition to Opera coders and UI folks.

Update: Get The Facts II – Microsoft must be proud. Their PR teams probably are cooperating to invent the most stupid way to promote their products. Go super-man! With those dinosaurs from Microsoft you can create nice cartoon!


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Web games

Thanks to my girlfriend I started playing in Dark Throne game. It’s quite nice and joyfull. The only pain is that there is a “recruiter” tool which works like a webring. You have to click 350 times to give 350 random people a citizen, and in return you have “credits” so when others will click, you will get a citizen.
People were cheating with some apps that click on some button on behalf of you. But tab with this game had to be on screen, so you’re frozen.
Firefox is amazing once more. I spent half an hour to build extension which clicks on a given button number of times with given interval. Now it takes me a second to run it, and one tab in background where it works.

I don’t know if there are other places where MultiClick extension would be usefull – if so, please tell me! I will cleanup it’s code and publish then.