Netscape 8

I just installed Netscape 8 on one machine.
First thoughts:

  • It’s default skin is odd, but not ugly
  • about:config – – brrr, scary
  • about: – Netscape logo links to
  • It opens new tab right after current instead opening after last one
  • Whole Netscape 8.0 is a Firefox browser with ability to display Trident in tab and some small UI changes which look unpolished
  • They use their own extensions and themes – fools
  • they made something strange with DOM Inspector. In their version grippy element inside splitter is displayed.
  • If I’m right, they use IE as default engine for most webpages (I unchecked some checkbox ‘use IE engine by default’ IIRC) – fools

But what really most pisses me off is that they used Netscape brand. It hurts.