I’m outdated

Being a coder, like me, gives you a feeling that you simply understand what’s going on in computers world. I have my Gentoo, I know how my net works, I know how my browser works, I know, understand how it all works, right?
Well, not anymore. Today I updated Azureus and I’m lost. I spend my time looking at some fascinating graphs of my swarm, and I’m lost. Really. I don’t know how it is possible that this group of people communicates in a trackless world.
I know that speed of my swarm is 1.2 MB/s with average 52 kB/s, that I have 370 contacts, 130 peers and 25 seeds but there is a lot more to read, and most of this is a black magic for me. So… I’m a lame

If you have some time, just check new Azureus and look at the swarm graphs and distribution statistics. 🙂