SVG and FastBack for Firefox

Say hello to SVG.
I’m very excited about DSVG. Having AJAX, DSVG/DHTML in Firefox is a big step forward.
The one last thing that Open Standards for Web should have is some way to manage sound.


Gecko MP

I will be releasing next builds soon with updated Cache RAM and next optimizations. I hope to set up an env on my Windows machine (thanks to Microsoft for free compiler).

By the way. About comments. As I mentioned previously, but not everyone saw it – when you’re posting a comment for the first time, I must approve it. Then, all your comments will go without moderation.
I will not allow to post comments without a sense or a comments where f-words/sense ratio is very high.


New nightlies for Gecko Browser MP

I just finished (with a help from Cleriic) building todays build of my version of Firefox. We now have Windows builds for PL and EN.

What’s new here? Some prefs to enable pipeling, lowerize nglayout delay and default svg enabled in Windows version.

What’s not so new? MathML, SVG, XForms, Blazing Fast Back/Forward (a’ka Cache RAM) and Firefox trunk code 🙂

Linux AthlonXP – PL | EN
Linux Pentium – PL | EN
Windows – PL | EN (fixed urls)

Mozconfigs: Linux and Windows

Please, test on a clean profile if you want to get the speed. 🙂


Opera’s CEO campaign is better!

Yeah! Opera’s CEO campaign beats the Opera’s one in a row.

  • Opera 8: Speed, Security, Simplicity
  • Opera’s CEO: Speedos, Shrinkage, Spoke-to-soon-icity


PR from different planet

I’m using Opera as my primary browser for last 2 days – it’s nice. It’s usable but I won’t be a fan. I simply don’t like it’s UI.

Opera made nice work with it’s 8th release, but long-awaited marketing campaign is terrible. I hardly can find words to describe what those guys made. This super-man looks so bad, like from 80’ties… and it’s everywhere.
Quoting jesus_x:

I thought maybe it was just a bad choice of stock photography… It’s a theme

I really can’t imagine the brand built on such theme. Who is a target? Old fans of old TV shows like A-Team? Oh… Opera PR team failed this exam – in opposition to Opera coders and UI folks.

Update: Get The Facts II – Microsoft must be proud. Their PR teams probably are cooperating to invent the most stupid way to promote their products. Go super-man! With those dinosaurs from Microsoft you can create nice cartoon!


Firefox 1.1 nightly – Maximum Power :)

Today I built my Maximum Power version of Firefox nightly optimized for Athlon XP with SVG, MathML and others. In today’s build I also added a patch from bug 274784 – blazing fast back/forward.

For Polish users it’s the first version built for trunk, so please, test it 🙂

Download : Polish , English.


Adobe buys Macromedia!


GoLive or Dreamweaver?
SVG or Flash?



Opera 8.0

I just downloaded Opera 8.0 for Linux, I just launched it, and I just had to confirm three windows with some strange questions about license, my GUI and type of ads I’d like to see before I was able to use the browser.
Blake’s grandma won’t be happy…


Firefox complex

Blake’s post is about something I see for a long time. A Firefox complex. Opera is the most vulnerable, but there are others. A lot of them.

Firefox is a great success. It’s easy to spread the word about it, it’s easy to promote it, it’s easy to use it, and a lot people are happy with it.
One would think that it’s a great example of a free competitor. It should give hope to other projects, saying “hey! It’s possible to win this race!”.

But not everyone is happy with us (and I’m not talking about proprietary monopolist). Blake is right, that most of them fails to understand the reason of our success. And with time passing by, they’re trying to invent some reasons, which mixed with their frustration leads to anger.


Quote of the week

This week’s quote is sponsored by letter I like Idiot, and was smuggled to my head by Antymon.