Stop IE!

We are getting nearer and nearer to the day when we will be able to finally start not only competing IE, but fighting with it. Firefox usage is not around 10% in Poland + 2% from Mozilla and 5% from Opera.

We are getting near to the end of our current progress policy. No more small buttons, press news and so on. This is too slow. We have to start something more offensive. Those 3 browsers should reach 25% of market by the end of this year and we should start making problems to IE 6 users probably in Q3 2005.
If my predictions are good, there will be at least 2 new Gecko based browser by summer and should gather 3-5% of market before 2006.

We need to take IE6 from users because it stops the WWW world from progress. ISPs, netcaffe owners, administrators, school teachers should start their work. We’re making everything possible to catch home users, but the real problem is to catch workplaces/schools.
I think that this is what SpreadFirefox should start working on. And everyone else should do the same.

Talking trivia – we need 40% of market to start using the biggest strength of WWW wars – IE-incompatible sites. I hope we are able to have this on winter 2006.