New nightlies for Gecko Browser MP

I just finished (with a help from Cleriic) building todays build of my version of Firefox. We now have Windows builds for PL and EN.

What’s new here? Some prefs to enable pipeling, lowerize nglayout delay and default svg enabled in Windows version.

What’s not so new? MathML, SVG, XForms, Blazing Fast Back/Forward (a’ka Cache RAM) and Firefox trunk code 🙂

Linux AthlonXP – PL | EN
Linux Pentium – PL | EN
Windows – PL | EN (fixed urls)

Mozconfigs: Linux and Windows

Please, test on a clean profile if you want to get the speed. 🙂


Opera’s CEO campaign is better!

Yeah! Opera’s CEO campaign beats the Opera’s one in a row.

  • Opera 8: Speed, Security, Simplicity
  • Opera’s CEO: Speedos, Shrinkage, Spoke-to-soon-icity