PR from different planet

I’m using Opera as my primary browser for last 2 days – it’s nice. It’s usable but I won’t be a fan. I simply don’t like it’s UI.

Opera made nice work with it’s 8th release, but long-awaited marketing campaign is terrible. I hardly can find words to describe what those guys made. This super-man looks so bad, like from 80’ties… and it’s everywhere.
Quoting jesus_x:

I thought maybe it was just a bad choice of stock photography… It’s a theme

I really can’t imagine the brand built on such theme. Who is a target? Old fans of old TV shows like A-Team? Oh… Opera PR team failed this exam – in opposition to Opera coders and UI folks.

Update: Get The Facts II – Microsoft must be proud. Their PR teams probably are cooperating to invent the most stupid way to promote their products. Go super-man! With those dinosaurs from Microsoft you can create nice cartoon!