By the way…

Oh, and once I started writing something…
I’m wondering if I should bring back old skin. I really like that one, but the new one (a’ka default theme) has extremly high level of usability.
And the language issue. As I previously mentioned, I’m somehwere in the middle of preparing (with Antymon) the new project. It will be a nice place for many well-known people from IT community in Poland to write some articles. No short forms, no flame, NPOV mode on, and we do hope to be more open to not-opensource people.
In result I will have a place to write in Polish, which is my native language, so here I will focus on writing in english, because there are people who want to read it. I know, my english is not perfect, but it wins with every Polish-English online translator.

We’re closer, and closer to new site for AviaryPL. I’m very happy about that. I belive that it will be the last position in our plan to have high quality infrastructure in my team. We have emails, svn, bugzilla, ftp, we and once we’ll have a project page we will be ready to claim new market of commercial, and semi commercial support for Mozilla products in Poland.

Ok. That’s it for now 🙂


Very soon…

This blog will be back online during this week. I have some problems with old content, and I want to push it back before starting new posts.

Beside, I’m working on two new projects, one of them is something like kuro5hin for polish users, second is a web browser. I can’t say more about those…