I’m outdated

Being a coder, like me, gives you a feeling that you simply understand what’s going on in computers world. I have my Gentoo, I know how my net works, I know how my browser works, I know, understand how it all works, right?
Well, not anymore. Today I updated Azureus and I’m lost. I spend my time looking at some fascinating graphs of my swarm, and I’m lost. Really. I don’t know how it is possible that this group of people communicates in a trackless world.
I know that speed of my swarm is 1.2 MB/s with average 52 kB/s, that I have 370 contacts, 130 peers and 25 seeds but there is a lot more to read, and most of this is a black magic for me. So… I’m a lame

If you have some time, just check new Azureus and look at the swarm graphs and distribution statistics. 🙂

3 replies on “I’m outdated”

No proszę, a ja właśnie poszukuję czegoś takiego. Rozumiem, że polecasz? 😉

I prefer BitTornado 😉 No graphs, just speed. Thou it works ok when u’re open 😉
And yes, that’s very interesting how this program is so fast..
Torrent is damn fast, where’s secret of it?

he he he…zasmial sie slepy do kulawego…sorki za zarcik, Tez zem IT i powiadam, magia bracie magia. Sam pisze cos tam i czest jestem w wielkim podziwie dla pracy innych…mam nadzieje ze inni to samo mysla czasmi o mojej pracy :):)

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