Xgl works!

I just applied instructions from OpenSuSe page about Xgl and my KDE started playing this tunes… It’s awesome! The default list of “behaviours” (I took the name from in-famous Microsoft’s DHTML creations from IE4/IE5) gives you a few things a’la MacOS X (window minimalization/maximalization), a’la Vista (alt+tab transculency and preview) and Luminocity (wobbly windows, a funny wobbles when menus appear/disappear).
It all looks really cool and works quite stable as for 0.0.1 alpha.

For me, this ends the thread about how bad it was that Novell developed Xgl on their own instead of discussing every feature on the maillists and allowing everyone to Veto the progress.
“camel is a horse, designed by community…”

main works with Gecko!

Today, sent us an email that their music store is the first in Poland and one of the few in the world that supports Firefox (and all other Gecko based browsers) starting from today!

First, I still find every evidence of the fact that Firefox hits the mainstream very exciting. And Firefox opens the space for web standards and other browsers too.

On the other hand, is still part of the sad world of DRM, and I still have to wait for the place where I could by my music in some open format, like Ogg. While I understand that companies are not likely to trust users, I think that it will happen one day, because users will realise this.

Anyway, if you buy music, use Windows, and want to use Firefox, is for you.