Xgl works!

I just applied instructions from OpenSuSe page about Xgl and my KDE started playing this tunes… It’s awesome! The default list of “behaviours” (I took the name from in-famous Microsoft’s DHTML creations from IE4/IE5) gives you a few things a’la MacOS X (window minimalization/maximalization), a’la Vista (alt+tab transculency and preview) and Luminocity (wobbly windows, a funny wobbles when menus appear/disappear).
It all looks really cool and works quite stable as for 0.0.1 alpha.

For me, this ends the thread about how bad it was that Novell developed Xgl on their own instead of discussing every feature on the maillists and allowing everyone to Veto the progress.
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I tried it on my Dell Inspiron 6000 with intel graphics chipset and it’s not really smooth at all unfortunately. I’m having some hopes though, as I think it’s a misconfigured x server because everything is slow, even scrolling text in Firefox.

David: it works for me very smoothly on Nvidia drivers (yet, not that nice on open source nv driver ;)). I think it’s a matter of time, but my first experience is very positive

Yeah, it works on my office box with nv, but on my laptop (the same Dell 6000 with Intel 915) it’s vary, vary slow. Time isn’t any factor: acceleration on i915 is shitty,l it isn’t even natively supported by linux.

Same here. For a 0.0.1 alpha works more than good 🙂 BTW I have hard time running it on kde. I lose the minimize maximize and close button. What’s the solution to that problem?

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