LightBox rox!

Oh, this user script is great! It’s exactly the direction where we should go – make web easier to use, reduce the number of steps you need to perform an action, improve the speed of web usage…

Hell! Even ignore the website author intention if it slows down the user. Yes, I mean that, I said that! User must be the winner, we have good browsers now, we have Firefox, Camino, Seamonkey, Epiphany, K-meleon, Opera, they’re all good, but we must go to the next stage.

And the next stage is not about creating a great tool to click on the links and move back and forward. It’s about creating shortcuts through the Internet. It’s about creating algorithms that will influence the user experience, modify the websites (platypus is on the right direction), change their layout, design, aggregate data from the websites and show it to the user in the most convinient way.

In the future there will be no split into web authors and web users, every user will co-create the Internet, what was the intention of Tim Berners-Lee, and  the whole design and layout of the web page will be just a default skin, that user can use to to read the data, and will change if he won’t like it. Sorry, not much space for you,  client-side web developers, you’ll have to morph into skin authors who’ll create set of skins for companies that will share it to the users.  I don’t think that the WWW world is ready for this, but I know that users are. And it’s all about the users ;>

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Wow, Platipus looks good. I didn’t know about that one. I was looking into using my own CSS files for web pages today, but I think Platypus can get the same job done. Thanks for that one…:)

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